Good mood with LA food

Speaking of USA, apart from all the big shot movies and Hollywood stars, the first thing that pops in my mind is the glorious food that they have. All the snacks, burgers, fries, shakes and all innovative mouth-watering food they have magically created. I for one have always dreamt of visiting USA, especially California someday, and Bam! My bestfriend decided to study in Los Angeles! It was only in a true bestfriend’s heart to visit such a dear friend during her study to check up on her. *wink*

Here to start off my blog i’d like to show off some food collection that kept me hyped up throughout this trip to my dream hometown LA.! (Not that I need anything to keep me active and over excited to be roaming around La la la land)

First up is the one and only customized burger from ‘Slaters 50/50.’ You get to choose every single thing you want in the piece of heaven even the name!So here, I proudly present my personalized burger ‘Gainny’s Pinkaholix Burger’

Gainny’s Pinkaholix Burger
Design your own burger!

Burger alone is not enough! Don’t miss the Beer Cheese Fries with Vampire dip!! To die for! Or shall I say to be ‘immortal’ for!

Beer Cheese Fries at Slaters 50/50

To do the real American style, the burger and the side dish fries ain’t enough! Here I ordered the rice krispies shakes to add more heaven drops to such a perfect meal.

Rice Krispies Shakes

Here yet is another delicious  Signature burger at Sugar Factory Las Vegas. Pleasure for the eyes, the tummy and the soul.

Signature Burger at Sugar Factory Las Vegas

Fully packed Japanese dinner at Katsuya Glendale. I sum up all dishes I had that night into one photo with me indulge in this happiness.

Glorious dinner at Katsuya Glendale

‘Time to get your hand dirty, literally” that’s what my friends told me when we enter this cozy restaurant called ‘Boiling crab.’ And oh boy weren’t they right. I got my hands all oranged up and did not care in the world how I looked when eating this crab. After that, I told my male friend that I consider you my very close friend now that u had witness my monstrous eating manners at this dinner.

DIg in the mountain of Boiling Crab

Pancakes! They make the perfect breakfast! Where to get the best pancakes? IHOP! International House of Pancakes! That name is so true. The taste, the smell, the looks, the feel. Perfect way to start the day. #morningfoodgasm

Strawberry pancake at IHOP

To do it the Pink Wanderlust style, it’s only natural that I must visit the famous Pinks Hotdog place! And this is true… anything comes in Pink is always good 😉 Best hot dog I’ve ever had.

Pinks hotdog

All these American food, let’s take a side step to some Chinese dim sum restaurant. Elite Restaurant at Atlantic Blvd. I’m half Thai half Chinese, of all the dim sum places I’ve been to. This place is definitely one of the top 10. My favorite was the jellyfish. (and not because they are pink in every cartoon version )

Yummy Dimsum for the Tum tums

‘I’ll take you to the candy shop, I’ll let you lick the lollipop’ 50 cent song is the perfect caption for these photos when I visit Dylan’s candy bar at the Grove.

Lick them up

Never let your mouth be free! Eat away in LA! Sprinkles cupcakes not only will keep your mouth busy, but keep your mood all bubbly and cheerful. Oh how I wish there are many sprinkle ATM as much as convenient stores.

Sprinkles cupcakes

Lastly, a chill dinner at Redondo pier. Seafood! Crabs and oysters. It was such a great pleasure to experience the American lifestyle at the pier, with many small shops, local families came together and the next table was celebrating a little girl’s birthday. Bestwishes girl!

Crack that Crab (and oysters)

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