An English Escape (near Bangkok)

Can i stay here forever?

About 2 hours by car from Bangkok, stands a small English countryside village, yup, you read that correctly. An English village locates near Bangkok? Well to be precise it’s a conceptual hotel that has every single detail so divine that will teleport you to a cute little town with small cottages surrounded by mountains with small rivers passing through. Sounds nice eh? Little get away from all the chaos and traffic in Bangkok, to this peaceful hideout in the midst of a natural village. Today I’m taking you to a truly one-of-a-kind hotel called “Thames Valley Khaoyai Hotel.”

Welcome gate to wonderland
Screen shot 2015-02-22 at 8.38.11 PM
Let the relaxation begins
Paddington….(but where’s the bear? ;p)
Roses are red… and its time to relax at Rose spa

This conceptual hotel is inspired by the English countryside, with each cottage named after different places in the UK, such as Paddington, Oxford, Hampton, Surrey etc. Right from the beginning when you step into this charming hotel, you forget all your stress and enter to this peaceful sanctuary. Their décor is top-notch from exterior to interior, and even the amenities; Smart TV where I can catch up with new clips of The Ellen show, Hi speed wifi for uploading photos and surfing the web, complimentary minibar and even the new coffee machine.  The bathroom is not just a functional room anymore, you can relax and enjoy the view through the window, the props they have in the bathroom are as such decorated in shabby chic English style. Basically, every viewpoint is photogenic. You can do no wrong with any photo taken. Even a newbie at photography can make this place looks stunning. Try search the hashtag #Thamesvalleykhaoyaihotel on instragram and see it yourself.

Do Not Disturb… in a really polite and cute way
Care to paint in the bathroom?
Delicate in Decoration

With their boutique size, means limited rooms and relatively higher price comes the advantages of peace and privacy. You can spend days staying at this hotel, walking around, observe the view, sit and read by the poolside or have a little photoshoot of your own. With each travel, what you must all look forward to, or at least I do, are the food. This is the part I’m probably the most excited about. Well, besides the stunning scenery and the enchanting ambience of each destination. Ok fine! Everything is all good when you travel. Lol. But the food is what defines that certain place’s culture. It’s where you get to know a bit more about the place, which cannot be found in the description when you search about it. The Castle restaurant and The Clotted Cream Tea room at Thames Valley offers both Thai and English cuisines to show the English side while maintaining its origin Thai taste for its Thai customers. Plus, surely these dishes can be found anywhere in Thailand, but what makes it so special that those outside the city who cannot spend the night here still drive all the way to this place is ..yet again… for the glimpse of the magnificent mountainous view.

Perfect breakfast setting
Eggs benedict with a gorgeous view
Let’s hang out at The Clotted Cream Tea Room
Millefeuille et Macarons est manifique
Dinner vibe at The Castle Restaurant
Famous Thai dish…Tom yum Kung
Fusion dish.. Larb Salmon.. LOVE!
Another great fusion !
After dinner….

I know, I know, I have been babbling on and on about the scenery, but you really have to come to understand for yourself how magical it is. Even just to lunch or dine here. You surely must try. It is no wonder why so many people upload photos, check in and give good reviews at Thames Valley Khaoyai Hotel. It truly is an unique and unforgettable experience to see the quintessentially English way of life.

Peek a boo
Screen shot 2015-02-22 at 8.38.45 PM
Between the bushes
Screen shot 2015-02-22 at 8.38.30 PM
Side Pool dance
Have a good night! ☆

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