Bordeaux part III: Wine and Dine

Today’s the day! Each city has its own famous landmarks or to-do activities, but being in Bordeaux, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Well of course the wine tour!

The day starts very well; we stop by at a boulangerie (that’s bakery for you English folks) to have the famous French patisserie (pastry) Pain au chocolat (Chocolate croissant)! Ok am I speaking too much French? Can’t help it but the vibe here makes me do it! Anyhow, we take the bus to the city center and the first problem arises; we have no coins! We only have big cash and the bus driver won’t take it so… seeing that we are clearly tourists (and possibly the only Asians in the whole city) he lets us take the ride for free! Cheers to you Monsieur Chauffeur!

Checking the timetable at the Bus stop

Along the way to Bordeaux Tourism office, we happen to want more snacks and see these cute cotton candy and churros, so alluring that we can’t help but walk straight to the kiosk.

So Pretty in Pink!
Barbapapa cartoon with barbe à papa
Churros in the making

At Bordeaux Tourism office, originally wanting to book wine tour to St. Emilion, however it is fully booked, the people in front of us just take the last seats! We have no choice but to take other tours instead. So tips for you here… always book your wine tour prior to the day! The tour that is available is the half-day tour to Graves and Sauternes in which the meeting time for departure is not until couple of hours. Well what to do other than eat before taking the wine tour. You know what they say about consuming alcohol with empty belly…

Not a long walk from the Bordeaux Tourism Office, we see this restaurant with a long queue line that we can’t resist, L‘Entrecote.’ But that line, and the time, nah-uh., ain’t happening. We walk further and end up having a delightful lunch at Comptoir cuisine with a gorgeous view of Place de la comedie alongside with the Grand Theatre of Bordeaux.

What am i missing out here?
Not too shabby for the first meal of the day!
☆ Oeuf mollet, moelleux aux petits pois, émulsion de wasabi ☆
☆ Carpaccio de veau, artichaut violet et parmesan ☆
☆ Cromesqui de foie gras, condiments granny smith et serrano ☆

Always have desserts after a meal, and what’s better than having some authentic French macarons! Before we can decide what to get for desserts, oh boy this candy shop Maison Georges Larnicol is sooo lustful.

Too adorable!!
Haven’t you heard Chocolate is the key to happiness 🙂
Macarons in red heels anyone?
*Gone to heaven*
Bon Appétit!

The time is here! Time for sipping wine and learn the process of grape-to-glass. We hop on to the bus to our first destination of the wine tour at Château Guiraud to have a taste of white sweet wine. ( The people in the tour group are mostly middle aged, we sure stand out from the crowd…again)

Such a welcoming Château
Très belle
Where the magic happens
Haven’t even sip the wine i’m already in love with this place
Looking over the vineyard starting to grow
Such a relaxing ambience
Start the sipping session
wine in hand, cool breeze passing, warmth from the sunshine, gorgeous view :)))
Do you ever fear of knocking the glass bottles down when you are near them?
They sell in many sizes from big..
.. to small for gifts or souvenirs
Last glance before leaving the premises

It’s time for some red wine at Château Plantat.

Welcome to Château Plantat
Midst of the barrels
This charming funny guy selling wine is also our tour guide on the process of grape-to-glass
Imagine your work table surrounded by wine
As well as machines
even bigger machines..
And plenty of barrels of wine..letting them age

So to conclude the stages of ‘grape-to-glass’

Vineyard –> Crushing –> Juice –> Fermentation –> Pressings –> Complete Fermentation –> Clarification –> Maturation –> Blending –> Bottling –> Aging

Back in town by the evening leaves plenty of time to diner. But where? So let’s set the criteria for what we want.

  • French food is a must obviously
  • Nice settings, good view
  • Outdoor to enjoy the Bordeaux ambience
  • Crowded but not too busy (‘cause that means it must be good’),

Last but not least… the most important factor of all… (prepare for eyes roll)..

  • A cool French restaurant name.

Tadaaa.. finally.. we find this restaurant L’ombriere that fits all the criteria.

Tap water in their fancy bottle
Escargots for appetizers
Can’t do wrong with salmon and pasta

After our belly is happy, the sun is still up, well why not take a stroll along the shopping street Rue Sainte Catherine. In case we find some snacks ;p

Candilicious ;p
Colorful slushies to keep us energized
The famous canelé

The next day we have a chance to eat at another restaurant Chez Yuri near the river Garonne, where we meet another couple of tourists. Seeing that we are young asians, they approach us and we start to talk and exchange trip ideas. This is another wonderful side of traveling, you get to meet new people, exchange stories and culture, sometimes you get tips that you may not know by just google.

Can you tell how big of a fan i am of Salmon
So goooooood! We have to dip the bread in the sauce after we finish the clams.

Well well… let’s tick off the checklist for the trip

Wine ✓

Food ✓

Desserts ✓

Attractions ✓

Use some French words with French people and they understand what you’re saying..kind of ✓

C’est bien! Now let’s pack our bags and head out for the most romantic city in the world!

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