Vivacious Versailles


Is it a castle? Is it a palace? It’s Château de Versailles! It’s everything you can imagine it to be. Actually, it’s much more than our imagination can visualize. It is no doubt why it is a MUST SEE place that is visited by over 7 million tourists every year!

Quick Fun facts:

♕ One of the most extravagant buildings in the world. (Duh..)

♕ One of the largest palaces in the world; 700 rooms, 2000 windows, 1,250 fireplaces, 67 staircases and more than 1,800 acres of park. (Don’t you just love luxurious maths)

♕ Château de Versailles could accommodate up to 5,000 people including servants (Like having your own town in the not-so-little house)

♕ Home to the French kings from Louis XIV to Louis XVI

♕ It is both a castle and a palace. Talk about double standards…literally. (Nope, I’m not at all)

♕ The concept of “Hall of mirrors” is to have mirrors reflect the few candle lights and illuminate the whole place while protecting the walls and ceilings from smoke. (Thanks to law of reflection! Science rocks!)

♕ Is a UNESCO world heritage site (no doubt)

How to get there:

Versailles is a little outside of Paris. There are a few ways to reach Château de Versailles; Car, Metro+bus or RER.

Right infront the palace you will find a large space where people park in random places, i find it amazing how unorganize this is… :s

For public transportation, you can search your easiest, fastest way by using the website to see which metro and/or bus to take. For my route, i find it easiest to use the metro to Pont de sevres station then take the bus 171 to Versailles. This way, i can see the city while sitting on the bus as well! Compare to sitting in the underground train with,, well let’s face it.. it’s dirty and kind of dangerous for the possibility of meeting the gypsies. The bus always seem to be the safer way.

Bus stop infront of Château de Versailles showing time expected the bus to arrive heading towards Pont de sevres direction

Whether you take the RER or bus, you will see this big statue of King Louis XIV before reaching the golden gate to the palace.

Equestrian statue of King Louis XIV in front of Palace of Versailles

Tadaaaa!!! And here we aree!!!

The glorious golden gate to paradise… whoops i mean Palace!

Getting in the Palace is not that easy… you buy the tickets (Check on their official website for the prices on the left building (facing in the palace) then you have to queue up on the loooooong line of tourists, passing through security check and then voilà! Bienvenue to Château de Versailles.

Can feel the gradiose vibe just from the exterior design… Can’t wait to go in!
Screen shot 2015-08-27 at 12.31.40 PM
Definitely not your regular hallroom
Let the meeting begins!
Just curious, how much does that cupboard cost? or better yet anything here i can afford? (sobs quietly)
I’d be having shaweeet dreams everynight in this bedroom! ☆
Just your mundane corridor.. speaking for the King obviously.
You can never look at your backyard garden the same way again…sorry.

The famous Halls of Mirrors is always crowded as you can expect. The beauty is beyond anything you can imagine.

Whose heaven’s home is this?
Like seriously… how do you clean all these delicates?
Pretending this is my home ♡ …. (one can dream, who’s with me)
Here comes the royal highness King’s chamber ♕
‘What has been seen, cannot be unseen.’ Not that i want to!
A replica of ‘The Coronation of Napoleon’ (The real one was transferred to the Louvre in 1889)

Besides the grandeur palace, the garden or park is an attractive factor that brings in so much visitors. It is the perfect place to hang or even better… a date! Imagine learning the history of the fabulous palace, then stroll around the park or you can even row the boat at the lake and have some gelato. The lucky girl will definitely fall for you!

I can walk around all day!
Feeling hungry? There are kiosks selling snacks and drinks as you enter the garden area.
And you get familiar with statues everywhere like they are your friends…
Let the Garden tour begins!
There’s much more that meets the eyes
Pure magic!
Definitely not your typical garden
Never get lonely.. these statues are your new best friends who haunt you everywhere you go
Posing as a statue
Can you see the palace way wayyyy back there?
Row row row the boat, gently down the lake…

Besides boats, they also have bicycles for rent as well.

While i’ll just sit and chill…
Neverending walkways
Perfect place to chill
Skip around the field
The story of the red hat in the gardens of Versailles
The place where it’s ok to fall..

I call the Grand Trianon the Pink home! Most of the design is in pink theme! J’adore!

Grand Trianon is a retreat for the King and his mistress.. apparently
Pink Marble wall ♡
Like entering a movie set..
But it’s oh so real…
People actually lived here
Like what disney movie am i in? Which princess am i?
Seems like cinderella did a good job cleaning
The princess and the pea bed?
Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all
My favorite place ♡
Lemme ‘walk like rihanna’
I can just chill here all day
Wide shot of the pink mistress home and her garden
It’s a very very very very enormous ‘home’… these signs will come in handy when you get lost

For a few days, i can’t seem to find my headphone, being here… at this gigantic palace.. can’t help but wonder what if the king or someone lose a ring or something, will they be able to find it? or just forget it. I don’t even have to think of the answer, if you can afford this place, whatever you lose probably cost nothing to you. I would not want to play hide and seek here that’s for sure.

So many canals, lakes and fountains here
While i walk around the garden, there are actually people who come to the garden to exercise, play football… What a good life! ‘What are you doing for the weekend?” ” oh you know, just jogging at the palace”
Getting a bit hungry walking around? Don’t worry have some gelato!
So many flavors!!!
Till i see you again…

To completely explore around Château de Versailles would take days. MY time limit allows me to cover only 10 percent of the whole Château. Being the King here must be tiring,, actually.. think of the maid cleaning the palace and gardeners! Oh boy…I also wonder how the staff manage to get people out of the premises everynight. Will there be anyone try to hide and spend the night at this fabulous place?

As i have limited timing to get to the train station leaving Paris. I decide to take the taxi. This is where i meet a friendly driver from Algeria, who apparently used to teach Arabic. He is almost like my tour guide telling all sorts of stories for each attractions we pass by such as how many florists in Paris get the flowers from Parc Monceau. He even tells me about his income as a taxi driver in Paris. The drivers get 30% of the meter, the baggage costs and tips (if any). The pricing is categorized into 3 tarifs; Tarif a – after 10am is cheaper, Tarif B after 5 pm more expensive, Tarif C – saturday midnite to 7am on sunday very expensive. So for those who want to take the taxi in Paris, better avoid the night rides, especially on saturday night!

Last shot before leaving the city of love, can’t help but smile to the fact that people have to pedal the bike to get their phone charge 🙂

Oh Paris! You truly are amazing!! I will definitely come back again one day! (possibly with my hubby then? you never know…)

But for now…Au revoir! A Bientôt!

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