The Hills are still alive in Salzburg

The city of Sound of Music, here i come!

As of 2015, can you believe it’s been 50 years since the movie “The Sound of Music” came out? The song still rings in my ears every time I see Julie Andrews or when I hike in some mountains that is nowhere near Salzburg. I’m sure everyone knows and experiences what I’m talking bout. You can’t help but burst out the lyrics to ‘The hills are alive’ when you see big lump of green mother nature, or sing ‘do-a-deer’ every time you go to the zoo.

It is no wonder that I am super excited to visit Salzburg; home to The Sound of Music, and coincidentally…Mozart’s birthplace. What a harmonious city!  Speaking of Mozart, he’s probably the closest to king in Salzburg, every corner you turn, you’ll be seeing red Mozart chocolate shop.

For Mozart worshippers
Fan of chocolate and Mozart? You’re in for a big treat!
‘Cause where else will you see graffiti of the legendary composer
Musical notes bouncing off the wall

Still not enough? Don’t you worry….

At Mozart museum
Loving the Silhouette, talk about artistic!
Mozart wohnhaus – Mozart’s old home displaying artifacts dedicated to his life
Haus für Mozart served as venues for operas and plays

Nothing musical here, but this Mozartsteg bridge comes to fame from that small movie that you might know by the name “The Sound of Musical.”

Mozartsteg brigde connects the old town and new town of Salzburg

As i walk across the bridge, i happen to see spray on the bridge of 2 people and a heart, but if you look closely it’s actually a couple of men and a couple of women, assuming to communicate regarding LGBT rights, as same sex marriage is still banned in Austria. #Lovewins

A couple of men ❤
A couple of women ❤

Not to brag, but I used to play as one of the lead characters in “The Sound of Music” way back in high school. Can you guess which?… No, not Maria, nope, not any of the children, and NO! Not the tree! Ok, maybe I go a little overboard when I say one of the “lead,” I got the part for the Baroness, or you may know her as the stepmother that all the children hate. Just to clarify, I am nothing like the character I played, but apparently it was so believable that even one of the audiences asked my teacher if I was really like that in real life. I obviously took that as a compliment and kept that in a special place in my heart. That is why visiting Salzburg will be quite a journey down to memory lane. However, this time, in real life, i’m playing Maria! Singing at the top of my lungs! (Want to know if i have a good voice? Well, there’s a reason why i mostly prefer singing in the shower)

Ladies and gentlemen….. may i proudly present to you… the new poster of The Sound of Music!

♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ The hills are alive..with the Sound of Music ♬ ♫ ♪ ♩

Let me show you some couple of scenes from the modern version of the movie.. coming soon to theatre (not) near you.

Residenzplatz is a large area at the heart of the historic center of Salzburg, definitely one of the most popular site in the city. Thanks again to the renowned movie.

Can you tell the difference :p
The horse fountain is considered to be the most beautiful fountain in Salzburg.
Like walking back to the olden days

In the area, there is also Salzburg museum, which displays artistic and cultural history for the city.

Horse carriage is not just in fairy tales anymore 🙂
You might smell something odd once a while in this city, and you know who to blame

Mirabell palace and its garden is also listed as part of the Historic Centre of the City of Salzburg UNESCO world heritage site. This magical and melodious place is featured in several scenes in the movie.

Let me remind you that this is not a Photo Hunt game
The schloss and its garden
The 2 people in the background is probably thinking where have I seen this before? Hint: a musical movie perhaps?
Just a unicorn statue relaxing…
…and welcoming guests to the Mirabell garden
A serene hideaway
Enjoy live performance! Look at how he displays the rocks! How musical!

You know what they say when traveling to new cities, if you want to know about their everyday life, go to their local market, and i happen to walk pass one.

A local market…
In the midst of these architecture…
Selling arts and crafts..
Souvenirs anyone?
As well as that Mozart chocolate again?
Besides bread.. i don’t know what they are :s
Is this austrian version of grilled ham cheese sandwich?
Is this also how the local travel?

As i walk around, i notice there are many young people around, more than i usually see. Coincidentally i walk to where they all gather, at Salzburg Cathedral. It’s the Pentecost Youth Festival where the youth come to celebrate their faith by dancing, praying and singing organized by the Loretto community.

Fest der Jugend means Festival of Youth
Feels like entering a concert venue
Concert in a cathedral?
Typical family leaving the event

Another spot you can hardly miss is the Salzach river

Whereever you go, you will have to either walk along or cross this river
You might see the local fishing
It’s just so peaceful… i recommend you hum any song from the sound of music..
What makes a city even cuter? Adorable artsy decoration like this along the river.
Or more mature looking ones…
Salzburg also has one of their own love lock bridge too!

Kapitelplatz is another square full of wonder. First thing you can’t miss is a sculpture of a man on top of a large golden ball. Under it has a huge chessboard where you can actually play.DSC00554



Lil snack along the way

Hohensalzburg or Salzburg fortress is definitely a must! You get the most gorgeous view of the whole Salzburg from the top of the hill. Way up is through cable car and just a few steps up.


WOW…is the word you are looking for. You’re welcome. 🙂

Inside the fortress,  there will be audio guide for you and like most castles, photography is prohibited. However, at the peak of the hill and probably the highlight of the tour is where you can basically see the panoramic view of this magical city.


Spot the Golden ball?
Magical city through the hole

It’s not just the castle up here, there is also the World of String Puppets! A very family-oriented city indeed.

DSC00829 DSC00832 DSC00834

A bit creepy to see a doll with all these gold coins underground. Which grimm’s tale am i in now?

Last stop for all the lovey dovey couples before leaving the castle area, make sure to take a visit to Liebesgrotte.

They say… kiss your loved one in the tunnel and your love will last forever ♡

Salzburg is a small town you can walk around to explore in one day, especially during summer where it gets dark pretty late. You can sit and relax, absorbing the good musical vibe, or follow the flow of people to find some arts and crafts along the way. It’s a city full of magical wonders.

Under the big tree, that’s where i’ll be..
A little bit of shopping
Some art i just don’t get
Little cute shelter
Apparently everyone loves dogs
But why won’t you when they are so adorable (and fluffy)

If you ever get hungry…. i know just the place you need to go.

There’s a say.. “If you haven’t been to Stiegl-Keller, you haven’t been to Salzburg.” It is one of the most beautiful beer garden in Salzburg that can seats up to 1,000 people.

Stiegl means little stairs or little steps…
And yes you take those little steps up to get this view
Wienerschnitzel and obviously their famous Stiegl beer


Main course done? For some desserts, you can’t miss Cafe Sacher, a popular meeting place in the city center at Hotel Sacher.


The food. The view. The vibe. ✌
Must have menu is the legendary ‘Sacher torte’ – the most famous chocolate cake in the world!

A charming city full of melody, enchanting sites and luscious cuisines. True wanderlust do not miss. For now… Tatas!

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