Honey, let’s go to Hallstatt

It’s Hallstatt o’clock

One of the top destinations for honeymoon in Europe. No doubt about it. Hallstatt is probably the most enchanting and beautiful village near lake in the world. A small village that can be walk around by foot in 10 minutes. A quiet little getaway from all the chaotic in the world.

If you’re going from Salzburg then take a look below…
Salzburg –bus–> Bad Ischl — train –> Hallstatt

Transport itinerary

Nope, the train doesn’t take you straight to Hallstatt village, you have to take the ferry which costs 2.5 euros per person and takes about 10 minutes crossing the lake. For everyone’s convenience, the ferry schedule is matched with the train arrivals and departures. One word, Awesome!

1 minute walk to ferry stop

You might be thinking, how did a small village isolated from all the civilization survive through the years? Well, well, besides for its tourism appeal, Hallstatt housed the world’s first known salt mine. While people might use salt in metaphors to give negative, poor impressions, but not in this case. Salt is a valuable resource and made the town very wealthy indeed. But look at the city now, still getting plenty of tourists everyday, even in bad weather. They don’t have much to offer, but just the charm of the village itself and the small community, it is safe to say “less is more.”

Where we depart from…The greenery reflection
Where we’ll be in 10 minutes…prepare to get lost in a whole new world
Like WOW
What the teens would say… Totes amazeballs!
Oh ma gerddd!! Full of excitement at this point!

I unfortunately come on a gloomy rainy day, but you know what they say, there’s always a silver lining in every dark cloud! And yes there is, while in majority we see pictures of Hallstatt in a very vibrant colors on a sunny day. I get to experience one of those rare mood of Hallstatt and let me say, i am in awe with how magical this little town is through whatever weather it may be in.

Travel tips: Always bring an umbrella on every trip you take even when the weather app says less likely.
The ferry stop that they drop us off, and where to take the ferry back to the train station

Now, it’s time to explore this cute little town!

Small roads to walk up

Walking around i see quite a few paintings on rocks sitting besides flowers. Assuming from the writings could be charms to bring luck and peace to home.

DSC00974 DSC00973

So pretty in PINK! can’t believe thery are real flowers!

Hiking to the top and you’ll get THE. MOST. AMAZING. VIEW of Hallstatt lying next to Hallstätter See (Lake Hallstatt). The Evangelical church locates at the heart of Hallstatt adds to the beauty of the landscape.

Really living in the moment ♡
Like totally in love with this ♡

But the Crème de la crème of all for me… is this shot. It captures one of my favourite animal, the lake, the mountain and you can see the village at the back!

♡ The Swan lake ♡

Walkin around the city you can sense the loving local community that preserve their culture and arts. It’s a quiet peaceful place, the perfect getaway.

The Holy Trinity column standout in the middle of the Market square
The Evangelical Church can still be seen from mostly anywhere in the village


Not your regular sink, how the water pour onto the rocks must sure mean something
One of the most vibrant restaurant and cute art illustration!
How adorable is this sign!
How they keep it quite here.
Keeping the motorbike dry from the rain, never sen such motorbike cover before!

Thinking about souvenirs?

All the arts and crafts!
How delicate are these wooden art pieces!
Blessings from an Angel
Enjoy the festivities!
Winter balls!
Can you tell it’s letter G!
Wooden toys for kids
Or some colorful soaps?
Better yet wanna get dressed up?

Before leaving, we hit up a restaurant at Seehotel Grüner Baum Boutiquehotel am Hallstättersee. Like most restaurants or hotels, free wifi! Goodway to kill time and a shelter while the rain keeps pouring down.

Hot chocolate never fails to keep me warm in this cold and rainy weather
Trout soo gooooood! But beware of the bones.
Pork. Sauce. Sauerkraut. All makes my tummy very happy!

What are you waiting for? Book your tickets and let’s get going!

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