Spring has Sprung at The Rockefeller Center

Now that Spring has (finally) arrived in New York City, it’s time to put your coats away and wear something more light and bright and head out to enjoy the sun. But what really is the highlight of Spring? The flowers! It’s what lift us up (spiritually) from the loooooong cold winter season we had. The bright playful colors always bring a smile to anyone, whether on their faces or at least in their minds (introverts speaking). As I strolled around the city, I can’t help but circling around the Channel Gardens at The Rockefeller Center. The colorful tulips and and all sorts of flowers that I can’t even name popped up around the area, both similar looking and interesting ones.

A visit to the Rockefeller Center will surely brighten up your day!

Location: 5th avenue between 49th and 50th street
Subway: E B D F M 47-50 street Rockefeller Center Station

[Photos taken by iPhone 8 plus]


Thank you for tuning in.

Stay colorful!

Instagram: @itspinkwanderlust

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