First Manhattanhenge of 2018

Manhattanhenge for the locals, or basically known as the sunset for the rest of the world, but it’s a phenomenon due to the fact that the sunset lines up with Manhattan streets. The first Manhattanhenge of the year 2018 was May 29th and 30th. Before heading to this magical scenery with my own two eyes and capture the photos for the world to see, of course, I had to do research on where would be the best place to see and when will it happen. Since it is summer, the sunset pretty late, and this year is around 8pm (which means more time to wander around the city and area after work to see the best spots).

Tips: big streets have the best view – 14th, 34th, 42nd, 57th, 79th

Day 1: Times Square

I decided to go to 42nd and Broadway as I want the “New York” vibe with all the broadway signage and lights along the streets. I went there an hour too early, but in an explorer’s world, there’s nothing too early or too late, because they are all new experiences. I got to walk around and see which angle I want to capture the photo.

When the time came, it was rather below expectation; the cloud was blocking most of the sun. But what I love to see was how many people tried to cross the street during the red lights, and had to rush back to the side as the lights turned green. That’s dedication. Although it caused a lot of traffic and rage from the drivers. Even more car honks and people swearing out loud. Ah…. typical New York.



Day 2: Empire State of Mind 

Like anything in life, we have to keep trying to we accomplish our mission. My hunt was still on. Today wanting a new scenery, I came to 34th and 5th avenue instead. The whole day was very cloudy and foggy, I couldn’t even see the Top of Empire state or Chrysler building. I thought to myself, oh well, probably won’t see the Manhattanhenge again. But in the late afternoon, the sky started to clear out till the sunset, before turning back to foggy at night, as if the sky wanted us to see the henge!


These were shot on iPhone 8 plus so you may not see the sun in a circular shape, but the light that shined through the streets was still amazing. Looks as if there was fire on the other end!


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