My Pinknic Experience

Did I hear that right? Pinknic? Is it a misspelled word? Is it what I think it is? A PINK festival? OH.MAI.GOSH! I cannot believe this. My dream has finally come true! As a pink lover, this is like hearing I’m going to Disneyland for the first time! Obviously, I bought the tickets since it was right when the pre-sale started. Nah-ah, no way I’m gonna miss such festival. I was super excited!

And here’s the ticket!!

Pinknic ticket

The Pinknic event starts since noon, but hello, it’s summer! It’s super duper hot. And the event goes on till 9pm, so plenty of time to enjoyyyyy the fabulous pinkiness!

One of the things I’m really excited about the event, besides the event being FULL ON PINK, is the location! Governor’s island got my heart since I first visited here. Just only 5 minutes ferry ride from South Manhattan, you escaped all the chaos and onto the car-free island! Usually, it’s 3 dollars for the round trip, but with the Pinknic tickets, it’s complimentary!

I come around 3-4pm hoping the temperature would cool down..Not at all! But we get freebies right away when we enter the event. A white tote bag with the Pinknic logo, inside filled with Pink picnic blanket (super cute subtle salmon pink color), Pinknic clear plastic glass (to fill your rosé), mini size of the Love beauty and planet shampoo and conditioner (adorbs). As for the normal size Love beauty and planet showerless cleansing mist, you can get them at their booth.


The first thing you see is the PINK Ferris wheel, it’s so adorable as if it came out from Barbie land. The queue line is quite long, as expected. So all I could do is snap photos.


Nearby, you’ll see a flock of flamingos! Well, not real flamingos, but oh my god wouldn’t that be amazing? Someone contact the organizers ASAP! Among the flock of Flamingos, you will see a huge flock of humans, oops sorry I meant groups of human beings trying to sit in the shade under the flamingo. Because once again, IT’S SUPER HOT!



Growing up in Bangkok, Thailand did not help me with the heat tolerance. I can feel the sun kissing my skin (to sugarcoat the situation), the heat keeping me cozy and warm (still sugar coating it and trying to be optimistic). But I’m sweating so hard that I’m starting to think that the showerless product I got earlier may become handy now. At one point, I give up letting my hair flow and just tie my hair up, because why not? My hair is no longer curled, why did I spend time curling my hair, when it’s just going to straighten out 5 minutes standing in the sun! (ok, someone’s getting moody)


In order to cool and calm myself down, I decide to get some soft serve by Oddfellows. 🍦👅 And you can clearly see how hot it is.. look how fast the ice cream is melting!


You know what would be so good? Jumping in the pool with the flamingo floaties.



But seriously, just looking around and seeing everything so pink is amazing!!! This is a playground for adults (who love pink)! 💗


Well, it wouldn’t be the full PINKNIC experience without the Rosé! Cheers cheers!

As the time goes by, the weather is cooler and the sky gets prettier. I mean sunset has always been my favorite time of the day. (You don’t believe me? Check out my sunset spots in NYC)

The night ends with fireworks for the last song.


That’s a wrap for my Pinknic experience! Will definitely cherish this day forever! 💖






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