Vivacious Versailles

Is it a castle? Is it a palace? It’s Château de Versailles! It’s everything you can imagine it to be. Actually, it’s much more than our imagination can visualize. It is no doubt why it is a MUST SEE place that is visited by over 7 million tourists every year! Quick Fun facts: ♕ One […]

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Bordeaux part III: Wine and Dine

Today’s the day! Each city has its own famous landmarks or to-do activities, but being in Bordeaux, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Well of course the wine tour! The day starts very well; we stop by at a boulangerie (that’s bakery for you English folks) to have the famous French patisserie (pastry) […]

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Off to Oxford (or hogwarts)

The day starts off very blurry and clumsy. Maybe it’s the holiday, maybe it’s sleep deprived or jetlag, whichever it may be sure brings alot of funny stories. Just 10 seconds after I leave my friend’s apartment,  I walk straight along the corridor and pass the elevator and keep walking to the end of the […]

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